Since I’m such a big college football fan, people are always surprised to hear that I’ve never been to a professional football game. After all, I root hard for my USC Trojans and have a sworn enemy in College GameDay announcer Lee Corso. But I didn’t start to get into football until I was about fourteen or so – the same year that the two NFL teams in Los Angeles packed up their balls and shoulder pads and moved to other cities.

Mi-Lee Corso Twerks For USC
From 2013…Corso hasn’t been to LA since…suspicious.

It’s pretty weird to think that for the last twenty-one years there has been no NFL football team in Los Angeles, the second-biggest market in America. We have two baseball teams, two basketball teams, even two hockey teams! But no football team. Well, that’s finally changing as they announced two days ago that the Rams are moving back.

rams in la

They’re going to play initially at The Colosseum (where my beloved ‘SC Trojans play), but in 2019 they’re going to move into a state-of-the-art stadium in Inglewood (just outside of LA, but still in the county) that looks like it’s going to be pretty amazing.

On one hand I’m excited about this, especially so that I can attend my first NFL game with my family. I know Annabel (and surely James too) will get a kick out of it because she’s gone to USC games with me and had a blast.

first football game - loves it

On the other hand, I’m also kind of standing over here with my arms crossed and sending the Rams some major shade because it sort of feels like an ex-boyfriend trying to get back into our lives.

“You left us, Rams! And now you think you can just waltz back into our lives? Well, we’ve been fine in Los Angeles! We have World Series championships, NBA championships, and the Stanley Cup. And our college football team won the National Championship, too! We’ve been fine! We don’t need you! WE DON’T NEED YOU, RAMS!” That’s the point when Los Angeles falls into the Rams’ arms, crying.

I am mostly excited, though, and think I’ll be able to forgive the Rams for abandoning me as a teen. But not Lee Corso. NEVER Lee Corso.