As I’ve mentioned a few times lately, it’s been crazy hot here. I know, you’re all getting out your tiny violins for us. A couple weekends ago we went to a birthday party at a local farm/pumpkin patch, and it was literally 100 degrees and everyone wanted to murder each other. After the party, we tried to venture into the festival area of the farm, but it was too miserable. Despite the fact that their faces were bright red and they were soaked with sweat, the kids protested our decision to leave. “WHYYYY WE LOVE IT HERE NOOOO.” I promised them we’d go to a pumpkin patch when the weather was cooler.

This is where I have to admit something. As much as I looooove me some pumpkins, I don’t love pumpkin patches. Partly because it’s always 100 degrees when we go to them, but also because the pumpkin patch always ends up being this ridiculously emotional experience for my kids. They either want all of the pumpkins, or none of the pumpkins, or the slide is too scary, or they are literally melting because, again, it’s 100 degrees.

But we went this weekend and I made everyone swear it would be a friggin magical time.

It helped that the weather was a “brisk” 79 degrees. Annabel even asked if she should wear a sweater.

pumpkin patch

The kids beelined for the bounce house and happily jumped around in there for about five minutes.

pumpkin patch bounce house

But, as soon as James spotted the “big big slide,” he wanted nothing to do with the bounce house. Mike went with him to make sure he didn’t slide down the wrong way.

sliding away

Also, I’m pretty sure he just wanted to go down the slide, too.

This is where things started to go south for James, because he wanted to go on all of the other rides, but he wasn’t tall enough. And, of course, Annabel was tall enough, so she went on them.

touch the sky baby girl

at the pumpkin patch

We tried to distract James while his sister was on rides, but all he wanted to do was stare at her and scream, “ANNIE! BYE ANNIE! ANNNNNIIIIEEEEE!”

smiling through the pain
Smiling through his pain.

Annabel requested a visit to the petting zoo, so Mike took the kids inside. James was all about it at first, cracking up at two goats who kept ramming into each other.

petting zoo

Then one of the goats nudged James, and he shrieked, “MOM?! WHERE ARE YOU, MOM?!” and practically scaled the chain link fence to get to me.

Mike and Annabel stuck it out, feeding the goats. Annabel said, “IT IS TOTALLY LICKING ME!”

feeding goats

At that point, we’d been there long enough. I also had hay in my shoes. I told the kids to grab pumpkins and then we’d hit the road.

Annabel: “Mom, take a picture of us with our pumpkins!”
James: *throws pumpkin on the ground, screams*
Me: *click*

time to go.

Only 365 days until we go to the pumpkin patch again!