Like all of us Annie has been keeping tabs on the election. She asked me if she could make a post explaining why she would be the best president:


Hi Everyone, it’s me, Annabel. I’ve been watching all of the president stuff on TV with my mom and dad. People are trying to pick between Hillary and Donald Trump but I wish I could be the president. My mom says there is a rule making it so that kids can’t be president but I don’t think that’s fair. Kids should be allowed to be president because kids are smarter than adults and remember a lot more things. My dad is always forgetting things that I remember, but he’s old enough to be president and I’m not. That’s not fair!

To get people to vote for me I would promise everyone free pets. If someone was allergic to cats and dogs, I would give them a tortoise or a fish or something. I think a lot of kids would vote for me, and I think my family would vote for me too. I don’t mean just my mom and dad and Jamesie, but my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Probably a whole lot of other people too!

If I got to be president I would wear a uniform, like a school uniform. And I would boss people around. That’s what presidents do and I’d like to do it too!

My mom asked me what I think makes someone a good president. I think a good president makes sure slavery doesn’t start again, doesn’t believe that boys are better than girls, and is nice to everyone.

I think it’s really cool to see a girl running for president, and I wonder why no girls tried before. Okay, my mom just told me other girls have tried but that none of them have ever come this close before. It’s still really cool. 

One thing I don’t like is that when one person likes Hillary and another person likes Donald Trump they yell at each other and get into a fight. I think they should be nice to each and not fight about it. There should be a rule that you can’t yell at each other about who should win.

If you want me to be president instead, you can write my name down when it’s time to vote! I don’t know if enough people will do that for me to win, but if I win I will give you a pet! That is a good deal.

Thanks! Love, Annabel