When my cousin Leah found out her due date was March 20th, she said, “Oh, I hope the baby is born on St. Patrick’s Day!” We all agreed that would be cool but unlikely – when do babies ever come on the day you want?

On the morning of March 16th I got an early text from Leah that said, “I think my water broke, calling my doctor.” I said to Mike, “Oh my God, she did it. She broke her own water so she could have a St. Patrick’s Day baby.” Mike pointed out that Leah had to make it through almost the entirety of March 16, but I had faith. I knew she’d keep that baby in until midnight.

A few weeks earlier, Leah and her husband Ted had invited my mom and I to be in the room with them for the birth. We arrived at the hospital around 5:30, after she’d been in labor for about 13 hours. Leah was powering through the contractions with Ted by her side. They made a great team, right from the start.

Liam is coming

Liam is coming

Unfortunately, after 13 hours of labor, she was only dilated to 2cm. She got an epidural and we settled in for a lonnng night. We started joking that maybe Leah’s attempts to hold the baby in until the 17th would backfire and she wouldn’t have the baby until the 18th. Around 10pm, the nurse came in, gave Leah an oxygen mask, and examined her. “You’re at seven!” she exclaimed. We were all stunned, but excited.

Liam is Coming

We spent the next few hours keeping Leah comfortable and helping her mentally prepare. The time flew by, and before we knew it, it was time to push. The Labor and Delivery staff at the hospital was absolutely amazing.

But no one was more amazing than Ted, the dad-to-be. He was so focused on Leah and helping her through every push and contraction. I was in awe.

best dad

But he was also just so in awe of Leah, and their baby, that I couldn’t keep from crying.

Liam is here!

Liam is here

you did it!

I am also COMPLETELY amazed and proud of Leah, who pushed out a beautiful, GIANT baby!

And then came the moment that baby and mommy met face to face:

when mommy met Liam

I can’t believe that photo isn’t blurry because I was totally crying. Seeing that powerful moment when a mom meets her baby for the first time…I felt so lucky that I got to witness it.

Mommy and Liam, together again

Liam cannot believe this place

This is Liam John, and he is already SO adored. Especially by his parents.

I'm your dad


hi daddy

I am just bursting!

the family

“Little” Liam is eight pounds, 13 ounces of delicious, chewy baby:


I can’t wait to shower this little boy with the same love and attention that Leah and Ted have given to my kids. I also can’t wait to give him really annoying toys (payback)!!!

Leah and Ted, thank you for letting me be there to witness the birth of this special little boy. I love you both so much, and I know you are going to be the most amazing parents, because you’re the best aunt and uncle to my kids.

looking into my soul

He already owns a piece of my heart and I’ve already planned his first birthday party.

Happy birthday and happy St. Patrick’s Day, little laddie Liam! We all love you and your big cousins cannot WAIT to meet you.