On Wednesday Annie had a fever and was congested. We poured Tylenol down her throat and hoped for the best.

On Wednesday night Mike threw up. He chalked it up to eating too many Christmas cookies.

On Thursday night the lingering cold I’d had since our anniversary came roaring back with its friend, chest congestion. It put me in bed, where I have stayed for the last four days. Except for when…

Annabel started barfing at exactly 11pm on New Year’s Eve. And then she started having diaper blow-out…after diaper blow-out…after diaper blow-out.

Then I got the stomach bug on top of the respiratory infection.

2012 has been just SUPER AWESOME around here!

Mike has been such a trooper, cleaning up after his girls. And thank goodness my mom and dad live close and were able to give Mike a break.

Except, a certain person only wants her daddy.


I don’t mind sharing.