James has officially finished his first year of preschool. I honestly didn’t know if he’d make it.

I’m joking when I say that, of course. I was just so worried about him at the start of the year. He felt so young and so behind where Annabel was when she started preschool. But of course, it’s not fair for me to compare them, and James really blossomed in his class. He started out fairly quiet, but now he talks non-stop (almost every note home was about James talking too much) which is a great development. I remember when I expressed concerns about his speech to Dr. Looove and she said, “Let’s give him a couple months at school, I feel pretty confident his speech will improve tremendously.” She was right (she’s always right).

Just like with Annabel’s preschool “celebration,” I rolled by eyes a bit when the notice came home for James’ ceremony. But I am more zen about these things now in my old age and decided not to rant about it to Mike. Also, it didn’t hurt that James’ ceremony was going to be held indoors. That meant no picnic! You all know how much I hate eating on the ground with bugs.

When we arrived at the ceremony, Mike said, “I can’t wait for you to complain about the decorations.” But I reminded him how mature I am now. I didn’t even give the “Congrats Grad!” decorations any side-eye! It took me almost 38 years but I think I might be a grown up now.

The class looked so adorable walking in. Every kid looked shy as they searched the crowd for their families…well, every kid except mine, who waved to everyone and then marched determinedly to his seat.

walking in

He continued to wave while he waited for the ceremony to start.

hello everyone!

The kids stood in front of their chairs and sang a few songs about loving preschool and being sad it was over, and James demonstrated that he’s as big a ham as his sister. It’s my cross to bear, apparently.

After the singing, James’ sweet teachers called each student over to receive a completion certificate. As each kid walked over, the teachers told us what the kids wanted to be when they grew up. There were a lot of princesses, a few superheroes, two construction workers, several doctors, a baseball player, and one little girl even said she wanted to be a cookie (#goals). When James was called, his teachers announced that James wanted to be an actor when he grew up. We burst out laughing, because whaaaat? I didn’t think he even knew what an actor was! But when I asked him about it later, he said, “Actors talk a lot in movies!” so I guess he gets it.

looking at his certificate


When it was over, everyone was invited to eat food and drinks. Inside! Without bugs! I was really excited about this.

As James ate, I went over to thank his teachers for everything they did for James. I am so grateful for their unending patience and hard work to help my little guy! I’m sad to say goodbye to them, but very thankful for the two years they taught my kids.

with his teachers

And now James is off to Pre-K! But first I have to survive the summer with him talking to me non-stop.