Yesterday we found out Annabel’s teachers and classmates (we’re all thrilled—I’m happy about the awesome teachers, she’s happy that her best friend is in her class). As we walked back from the school, I told her how her uncle and I would be bouncing off the walls the night before school started. When she asked why, I said it was because I was excited for fresh beginnings and to be with my friends, and that Uncle Kyle was excited to learn (which is probably why he can still do algebra and remembers all the state capitals).

Annie asked me lots of other questions about my elementary school days. She thought it was amazing that Kyle and I were sometimes in the same class (Kindergarten, first, and fourth).

ready for Kindergarten

I showed her this picture of us on our first day of Kindergarten and she said, “Mom, you look so pretty and Uncle Kyle looks like he’s going to exercise.”


She also said I looked, “Kinda evil,” in this one, which is hard to argue with (and I have no idea why I look like I’m praying. I went to a public school!)

She thought it was, “SO COOL” that we had chalkboards in our classrooms, which confused me at first until I remembered that her school uses white boards. She’s never seen a giant blackboard!

Annie also couldn’t believe that my school didn’t get computers until I was in third or fourth grade. “How did you look stuff up? How did you learn how to type?” I further blew her mind when I told her that the computer screens were black with green writing and graphics. “Like Minecraft?” Yeah, but the graphics weren’t bad on purpose.

Annabel’s elementary school reminds me so much of the one I attended all those years ago. It’s nestled inside our neighborhood, and there are only two or three classes per grade. Everyone knows each other and takes pride in the school. I feel very lucky that my kids are going to have the close-knit, community school experience.

first grade
Kyle and me on the first day of first grade.

It also makes me feel old!