Mike and I have been together for a long time, almost thirteen years. We’ve obviously been through a lot in that time, more than most couples ever face. Many people have told me that our marriage looks built to last…but these people do not have to share a thermostat with Mike.

Mike is always cold. ALWAYS. He could wear a sweater to the desert and still have goosebumps. Mike would love it if the temperature inside our house was firm at 84° (no joke). I, on the other hand, experience temperature like an average person. I would like our thermostat to be at about 75° – not too hot, not too cold.

In the winter, our temperature troubles are few. We run the heater, use blankets, and generally are comfortable. Sure, Mike sleeps with an electric blanket, but when doesn’t Mike sleep with an electric blanket? No, seriously – he always sleeps with one! And yes, I’ve had him checked at the doctor. I bought him a twin-sized electric blanket a few years ago, mostly as a joke, and he used it so much he’s already on his second blanket.

Of course, we live in Los Angeles, so we get about 10-14 days of winter every year, which means there are around 350 days every year when one of us is too hot or too cold. It means that right now, while LA is experiencing a massive heat wave, I am sitting on the couch in shorts and a tank top and Mike is wearing flannel pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a hoodie – and he’s under a blanket. Complaining about how cold our house is. It’s 89 degrees outside at 11pm!

Before we had kids, Mike was convinced that one day I’d give birth to little “always cold” kids, and then he’d have the upper hand with the thermostat. Unfortunately for him, both of our kids run super-hot, especially when they’re sleeping. This means that at night he’s wearing several layers and under his electric blanket, while our kids sleep blissfully in our air-conditioned house. Okay I sleep blissfully in the air-conditioned house, too.

If things are like this now, Mike is going to be REALLY uncomfortable in a few years when I start having hot flashes.

cold mike
Mike in his pajamas.