Annabel is my cautious child. She doesn’t like anything too loud, or too high, or too unknown. James is the opposite: he loves to climb, he loves to jump, he loves new things. Luckily, James isn’t swayed by Annabel’s reluctance, and Annabel isn’t threatened by James’ fearlessness – she told me once, “He can do that crazy stuff and I’ll stay here and be safe.” LOL

We’ve gone by our local Halloween pop-up shop a few times this month for different costume needs. The store is enormous, with the large sections of the space dedicated to freaky interactive Halloween decorations (like a giant spider that pops out at you or a skeleton that rattles in a cage). The first time we went to the shop Annabel saw the displays and said, “I am not going ANYWHERE NEAR THOSE.” James, however, watched other people approach the different decorations with interest, and as soon as he saw there were buttons to push, he was all about it.

I started to walk over to a display and Annabel was like, LOL NOPE.

LOL nope

Things that were making grown adults scream made James laugh hysterically.

push the button

Even one of the creepiest displays, “Lunging Lily,” (which is a demon child that says, “Help me, Mommy,” and lunges toward you, shrieking), made James laugh and say, “That’s fun!”

If you can’t see the video above, click here

James is going to be soooo sad when the Halloween stores pack it up next week (Annabel won’t mind nearly as much).