This lovely little puppy has brought so much happiness back to our house. The kids adore her, and she loves to chase them around the house when they get rambunctious. I love having her curl up next to me when the kids are at school. It’s nice to have peace and quiet without being alone. And even though she’s pretty attached to me, she always loses her mind when Mike gets home from work, sprinting to beat the kids to meet him at the door every night.

This lovely little puppy has also brought a wave of destruction. Rigby was not a chewer when she was a puppy, but Schuyler…if she can get her mouth around it, she will chew on it. She gnaws on her food bowls, crate door, crate mattress, etc. But she will also chew up literally anything else she comes across. Rogue toy? Goner. Shoe? Hope you didn’t want to wear it again. Blanket or pillow? We now know what kind of stuffing several of our pillows were filled with.

Keeping chewable things out of Schuyler’s reach is easy enough (even James has finally realized that he’d better put away his toys unless he wants them destroyed), but there are some things I can’t move. Like the corners of walls. Look at what she did to the corner of my step.

I don’t want to say that picture makes me feel murderous, so I won’t say anything.

Keeping her in her crate 24 hours a day is not a solution (but don’t think I didn’t consider it) because she has to learn how to live in this house. But since I also have to keep an eye on the other destructive member of this house (James, the one who is old enough to start fires), I can’t watch this pup 100% of the time.

I got a product (Nature’s Miracle) that is supposed to repel pets from wherever it’s sprayed but guess what? Schuyler thinks it is DELICIOUS. Like, she followed me around when I sprayed it and then lapped it up like it was the most delicious wood seasoning she’d ever tasted. So that’s $15 I’ll never see again.

gonna eat that wood
You gonna spray that wood or….

Honestly. This dog. Tell me how to make her only chew on her toys because I’m gonna lose my mind.