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Every now and then I realize I have no idea how to be a mom.

Like…schedules. Yesterday my bestie Tara asked me what times Annie usually went down for naps, and I said, “Oh…she sleeps a few times a day…usually morning-ish…with some some other times later in the day…” and then, just to show me up, that little kid went and fell asleep on my shoulder right then and there – something she NEVER would have done at home. She sleeps on her own terms – and those terms usually involve falling asleep against her will while she stands in her jumper.

Now I’m freaking out because it’s time for Annie to really start solids. And so far, she’s taken to it like a champ.


But, I don’t know anything about feeding a big ol’ baby! We had to fatten up all of Maddie’s foods, and she had a meal plan laid out by a nutritionist. With Annabel I have to wing it, which means I am just sort of like, “Um, here are some sweet potatoes! Want some peas? You can feed yourself, right?” and I just picture her becoming the world’s pickiest eater because baby peas are nasty! You guys, I can’t even feed myself. And then! How many bottles is she supposed to have in between meals? How many ounces of baby food is she supposed to eat? Where is my instruction manual?!

Also, I haven’t showered in a couple days, and I’m considering stealing some of Mike’s boxers for purposes other than pajamas because the laundry has become a…situation. Luckily Annabel’s wardrobe is extensive, and she can really pull off the diaper-only look.

I have the love part down pat. I smother my Annie with so many kisses that sometimes I think, “Self, maybe you should cut down on the kisses and do some laundry. Also, something stinks and it’s probably you.” But then I reply to myself, “no…the laundry can wait. MORE KISSES!”

So clearly, my child is growing up in a late 90s Sandra Bullock movie, where the mom is fun but she smells and talks to herself so she’s obviously craaaaaazzzzzy. This isn’t bad, though, because if movies have taught me anything it’s that very soon Annie will learn how to cook and clean and take over the mother role, all while keeping a spunky attitude! I’m actually kind of excited about this.

But until then, how do I manage all this momming stuff?