James starts preschool on Wednesday. He’ll be attending the same school Annabel went to when she was his age, which is nice because we already know the system, know what to expect for the year, etc. Mike and I went to the orientation meeting last week and we were happy to see that not much has changed (including the teachers!), so we can prep James accordingly.

At the beginning of the summer, I was very nervous about James going to preschool. His language skills were a little behind, I didn’t think I’d be able to potty train him, and he was very clingy. Luckily, over the last ten weeks he’s had a huge language explosion (he’s still going to have a speech screening, though) and he was potty trained in a snap. The clinginess is still a bit of an issue, though, so I thought it would be a good idea to take him to the school to see his classroom and meet his teachers.

I got him all dressed and hyped to meet the teachers two days ago. “We’re going to meet your teachers at your school, it’s going to be so great!”  He was really, really excited.

ready to meet his teachers!

And then we got there and I realized I must have confused some things, because the teachers were not there.

no teachers


So, attempt #2 was yesterday. He was still hyped:

jumping for school

When we got there, he was hesitant for about 5 seconds..until the teachers showed him some toys.

playing at preschool

As he played for a little while, we all chatted. I told them a bit about my James, and occasionally he would pipe in with additional information (especially when I told them about how much he loves music). After he played a bit, I walked him around the room, showing him the different play stations, like the train table, play kitchen, and where the puzzles and play doh are kept. He was especially enamored with the tiny, preschooler-sized toilets. When we made it back to the front of the room, the teachers took over. They engaged him, turned his attention to other things in the room, and were as great as I remembered.

When it was time to go, he gave both teachers a high-five. As we left, he was upset.

wanna go back dere
“Wanna go back! Wanna play with toys!”

The fact that he didn’t want to leave was, I think, a good sign. Hopefully next week he’ll remember how much he liked it there, and he’ll get so caught up in playing with toys and meeting other kids that he won’t care when I leave…that will happen, right?