The full-body “unclenching” I experience after every March for Babies is in full effect. As I mentioned on Sunday, my body reacts to stress with illness, and I’m currently on a nice cocktail of drugs to help heal the infections in my lungs and sinuses. The emotional impact of this being the tenth year we’ve marched for Maddie was so much more intense than I expected it to be, but I’m relieved that it’s over and I’m proud that we made it through the event.

As always, our family and friends carried us through the day.

most of the 2017 march for maddie team

We even got some extra love from our furry friends.

yoshi marches

This was the first year we didn’t bring a stroller or wagon for the kids. Instead, we let them ride their scooters. They were THRILLED by this.

scooter crew

My friend Catherine’s daughters even decorated their scooters with pictures of Maddie.

Scooting for Maddie

One of the biggest reasons Mike and I participate in the march is Annabel. She truly gets so much out of it. She loves that she’s helping babies, and she told me after this year’s march that she “loves to go and talk about Maddie to everyone.” I hope her kind heart rubs off on her brother and everyone around her.

Annie and Liam

We were at the front of the massive group of people participating in the march, so our kids had the accidental privilege of “leading” 20,000 people down the LA streets.

scooting for Maddie

James couldn’t keep up the pace on his scooter, so Mike carried him on his shoulders. He got a GREAT view of a fire department helicopter flyover.


He was seriously so delighted.

Because the march takes place around our alma mater, the University of Southern California, we were sure to point out favorite spots.

My sorority house

Flagpoles on the way to the LA Coliseum

"A nice place to relax"
They just really liked this bench, LOL

I’m glad that on an emotional day, we are surrounded by so many happy memories of our past. It helps so much.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our team (we’re only $65 from our team goal!). I will never be able to accurately express how it feels to know so many people support us. Please know that I have a special place in my heart for all of you, and I will never, ever take your support for granted.