One of the best things about Annabel getting older is being able to share things with her. I’ve always been a big Harry Potter fan, and I’ve been waiting for a long time for one of my kids to be old enough to enjoy it with me. I knew Annabel would love the series because she’s all about magic and fantasy, but I’ve hesitated to introduce her to the series since she’s only six and I wanted to make sure she was old enough to really enjoy it.

My master plan was to wait until Annabel was seven or eight before I got her the Harry Potter books, but that was thwarted by (what else?) a kid a school. Annie came home one day and was like, “Mom! At school, Beth told me all about Harry Potter and how they’re wizards and they do magic! Do you know about that?” And I was like, “DO I.”

I immediately sat her down and showed her the first Harry Potter movie. She sat there and didn’t move for the entire length of the movie. She had some questions, but when the movie was over she said, “That was so amazing! Can we watch it again?” That’s when I got to tell her there were seven more movies in the series.

It’s been fun re-watching all the movies with her. My friends Dana and Jackie! originally got me into the Harry Potter books, so when the movies started coming out the three of us would go see them together in the theater. It’s so nice to share these happy memories with my girl.

Last month, we even got to go to a special preview of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios here in Hollywood. Annabel and I were both pretty damn excited. We both might have worn Gryffindor shirts, and bought wands that we could use around the park.

with our wands

I just did magic!
After successfully casting her first spell

We drank lots of butterbeer (it’s literally the greatest drink ever):

drinking butterbeer

And we even visited Hogwarts:

at Hogwarts

She was so into everything, and so enthusiastic about every little detail. I had an absolute blast with her. Neither of us wanted to leave.

Last week I surprised her with a present:

illustrated harry potter
It’s the illustrated edition of the first Harry Potter book.

We read a little bit of the book every day, with her doing most of the reading. She’s getting caught up in the magic all over again, plus she can’t wait to READ. It’s the greatest thing ever, and it makes me so happy.