Christmas is over and I’m sad. Soon I’ll have to pack away the decorations and our house, which looks so cozy with lights and holly in every corner, will look empty. And I will have to deal with two kids who, “WANT CHRISTMAS AGAIN WHY IS IT OVERRRRR.”

We’ve had a really great week off. Mike took the kids out for a special Daddy breakfast on Monday morning.


On Tuesday, it was our turn to host our annual Friend Christmas. The last time it was at our house, these three were either just born or still in utero.

salsa lovers

The rest of these kids haven’t stopped growing, either:


Of course, we adults keep getting younger:

grown ups (allegedly)

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated at my sister-in-law’s house. The girls immediately ran off to play, but James just wanted to hang out with his boy cousins. They are very patient with him, and even let him take a turn on their big-kid games:

playin' video games

Later that night, A Christmas Miracle – Mike and I were asleep before midnight! In fact, at 11 pm, we sat out by the tree and admired our work.

Christmas 2015

This year, Annabel and James had a Christmas First. Every past Christmas morning, my family has arrived early, before the kids woke up. But this year, Annabel woke up at 5:45 and James was up at 7, long before our morning guests arrived. To be fair, James was totally confused about why he was awake, but not Annabel:

Christmas morning

christmas morning

After everyone arrived, we distributed presents and got to opening. James was very slow and methodical, preferring to remove every bit of paper from each present before he moved on to the next one – and he usually wanted to immediately start playing with whatever he’d just opened.

mr meticulous

christmas morning

playing with his presents

Annabel still has the best reactions to every gift she receives:

mermaid tail blanket

christmas pirate

Including this gem of a gift from my cousins Leah and Ted:


We gave both kids scooters as their big gifts. Annabel has been asking for a scooter for a couple years now so she was (unsurprisingly) thrilled:

a scooter!

James was also excited, although I think at first he thought he was unwrapping an actual person. He kept pointing to the little boy on the box:

a scooter
Yay, a friend!

Now I just have to find a helmet for James, because the “ages 5 – 8” helmet I got him was too small. Let’s all take a moment to be thankful he was a c-section.

The rest of the day was dedicated to playing with toys and spending time with family.

Christmas daddy

cuddling with baby L

Christmas 2015

Definitely one of our best Christmases ever.

Mike is back to work today, but Annabel still has another week off of school. So, not quite back to normal…I think that means I don’t have to take down the Christmas decorations just yet.