Because I am so behind on life, I only managed to take both kids to pick out pumpkins yesterday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right? Our pumpkin patch is like a mini-carnival, with inflatable slides, bounce houses, rides, and some games. My kids go nuts there and it’s one of those places that’s really fun until I have to be the “mean mom” who makes them get off the rides to pick out pumpkins. I’m so awful.

This is the same pumpkin patch that my kids went on field trips to with their preschool classes – remember James and his love for the slide? Remember how much Annie HATED the slide? Well, James still loves the slide and, finally, Annie does, too.

down the slide

down the slide

I about fell over laughing when Annie accidentally flipped onto her stomach on her way down.

that's not how this works.

The good thing about this pumpkin patch is when the kids go for a field trip, they have unlimited rides and turns on every inflatable. The bad thing is that when you’re just a regular Joe taking your kids to the patch, you have to buy ride tickets. The inflatable slide is one ticket, the obstacle course is two tickets, the bounce house is three, and so on. To try to a) avoid meltdowns and b) not spend one million dolla billz, I gave each kid ten tickets and then made a big show of how my wallet was empty so I couldn’t buy more when they ran out. Luckily, they didn’t question how I was going to be able to pay for the pumpkins.

When they ran out of tickets, James whined a bit and Annie didn’t whine at all, giving me hope that maybe someday I’ll enjoy a whine & tear-free visit to the pumpkin patch. We snapped a few pictures for Mike, since we went while he was at work.

halloween 2017

Hopefully I’ll never have to get pumpkins the day before Halloween again, because the pickings were slim. Lots of ugly pumpkins, still at full-price. I wasn’t pleased, but Annie and James were both like, “Oh, these ugly pumpkins, we’ll take you home and love you!” Annie then tried to convince me that we should “save” more pumpkins. Hahahaha no. I don’t “save” more full-price pumpkins than we need.

And, because I am still so behind and last-minute, I need to go join the kids and Mike for some carving. Hey, the sun is still out, so I’m not totally late!! The pumpkin James picked is so hilarious, I can’t wait to see what that little weirdo wants to turn it into.

Happy Halloween, everyone!