Once a week I volunteer in Annabel’s class. It’s been fun so far…Kindergarteners and first graders sure are entertaining. Annabel’s teacher has me work with different kids every time I’m there, and last week I got to work with the seven Kindergarteners. They’d just read a book called Peter’s Chair, and I helped them fill in their own books about the different chairs in their families.

The assignment started out easily, with the kids being tasked to draw themselves with their own chairs.

this is my chair

Easy enough. The next page was about brothers.

my brother's chair

Half of the kids didn’t have a brother, and they were baffled as to what to draw. Another kid told me that their brother was being, “punished from chairs.” I was like, “…um? Maybe draw  his old chair?” Annabel drew James sitting in a bean bag chair.

I knew what the next page was going to be, and I held my breath:

my sister's chair

Annabel said, “Oh, I know, I’ll just draw her chair really high, and she’s climbing up so high to get to it.” Before I could process that, another kid said, “My sister broke her chair, and my mom was so mad.


This prompt was met with a chorus of, “My grandpa is dead!” One kid suggested that another draw “Grandpa as a skeleton,” but I put the kibosh on that one. Annabel drew her Bampa “playing video games,” something I’m fairly certain my dad hasn’t done since the late 1980s.


Annabel: This is Daddy sitting on the couch!
Me: What…is he doing there on his lap?
Annabel: That’s his computer!
Me: *phew*

At the end of the book, one of the kids said, “Hey, there’s no page for Mom’s chair!” and another kid replied, “My mom doesn’t have a chair, she never sits down.”