It was finally James’ turn to start school!! HURRAAAAAAYYYYY!

First Day of Pre-K

It’s been a long two weeks since Annie started school. James has been as patient as a four-year-old can be, but I don’t think he could have waited any longer. Meeting his teachers last week only intensified his excitement. Kid was READY. TO. GO.

James’ teachers this year are the same ones his sister had in Pre-K, which is great because I love them. They first met James when he was just a year old, so they couldn’t get over how much he’d grown. He had them laughing the second he walked into the room on Meet the Teachers day, so at least they got a taste of what they were in for.

He was so proud that it was his turn to pose for first day photos. He yelled, “Annabel, come take a picksha with me!”

ready for school

This photo especially cracks me up because I didn’t tell them to stand like this:

ready for school

When we arrived at the school, I signed James in, put on his name tag, and showed him where to put his lunch box. As we walked over to the classroom door, he turned around and said, “You stay here, Mom. Don’t come in.” And then he marched himself into the classroom. Didn’t even look over his shoulder at me. I wanted to take pictures of him in the classroom, but since he can occasionally be clingy I decided not to risk things. Instead, I stood at the window for a few moments and watched him show his friend M his new shoes before I left. So cute.

When I picked him up after school, the first thing he said to me was, “Mom, I had a GREAT day!” He then rattled off all of the kids he played with, and gave me a rundown of the day.

James: We sang songs!
Me: Oh, will you sing one for me?
James: No.

Oh well, he still gave me more info about his first day than Annabel.