“Dad!” Annie yelled as she ran into our bedroom. “I want to be something really, really, REALLY scary for Halloween!”

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and tried to calculate just how far away Halloween was. “Honey, Halloween is like four months way.”

“I know, Dad, but -”

“Actually, it’s like five months away.”

“I know, Dad, but -”

“Hold on. It’s six months.”

“I know, but I want to be something REALLY scary!”

“Okay, well, when Halloween rolls around we’ll make sure you’re REALLY scary.”

Annie was not about to table this discussion for another six months, though, so she soon appeared having cobbled this costume together:

scary ozzy

“Is this scary, Dad?”

“It’s pretty scary, alright.”

“What do I look like?”

“You actually look a lot like… Ozzy Osbourne.”

“Who’s that?”

“Never mind.”

Annie grimaced and said, “It’s not scary enough.”

A few hours later I was changing James’ diaper when Annie came in and sat down.

“Dad, I’m still trying to think of something  REALLY scary.”

I snapped James’ onesie together and put him on my shoulder. Just then the perfect “scary” costume for Annie dawned on me.

“What about… A zombie princess?”

“YES!!!!” Annie cried out, her eyes widening. “A ZOMBIE PRINCESS!!!”

“That’s scary, right?”

“Yes! You know what would be even better, Dad? A Zombie Sofia the First!”

sofia the first
Except, you know, a zombie version.

“That would be very cool, Annie. Very scary!”

Annie nodded, then suddenly gasped.

“Or I could just be Sofia!”

“But I thought you wanted to be something scary for -”

“SOFIA!” Annie hollered as she ran out of the room. “MOM! I’M GOING TO BE SOFIA!!”

Halloween cannot come fast enough.