As Mike said yesterday, I’ve been having a very rough few days. Besides my emotional state, I’ve physically been a disaster. Jackie! and I went to an awesome wedding on Saturday for our friends Jen & Kwasi (Mike went to another wedding for our friends Lilla & Dave…hate the double bookings). I had a headache, but when don’t I, so I decided to just power through it and do my best to have fun. I danced even though I knew I shouldn’t because of my pinched sciatic (something I haven’t mentioned here because I just get tired of talking about crappy stuff). So when I started barfing on Saturday night, I figured it was because I’d overdone it.

But then the barfing didn’t stop, and the headache just got worse (and the sciatic was piiiiiissed but whatever, that’s what I have physical therapy for (more on that later)). I couldn’t get comfortable because my face & head felt like they were on fire, and I couldn’t keep anything down – food OR drink. My mom came down to take care of me on Sunday while Mike met a deadline, and then when he was done with work he took over. It was a rough day & night. I have a hard time really admitting when I’m feeling badly, because all I can think about is my little Maddie and how she always had a smile even when she felt sick.

I had to admit yesterday morning, though, that I was feeling really, really bad. So I called Dr. Looove and forced Mike to take me, because I couldn’t be sure I wouldn’t pass out or vomit while in the waiting room. Dr. Looove gave me a thorough exam (after exclaiming over my belly – she never saw me when I was pregnant with Madeline), and after a bunch of boring stuff discovered I have insanely clogged sinuses and diagnosed me with a severe sinus infection. She prescribed me antibiotics, a pain medicine, and an anti-nausea drug. I also got two shots while I was there, because what’s a couple more shots for me?

I’m hopeful the anti-nausea drug works. It’s Zofran, which I know is a very powerful nausea medication. But since I’ve tried literally EVERYTHING to help with my nausea and NOTHING has worked (every single tip you all have left on my blog? I’ve tried, with no success), AND I’m still losing weight, she decided it was time to start with the anti-nausea drugs. Dr. Risky had mentioned the anti-nausea drugs in the past but Dr. Looove took the bull by the horns.

Here is a lovely picture of my daily drug regimen (minus the two extra shots I got today):

daily dose o' drugs

Those pink pills are the size of my pinky finger.

I see Dr. Risky in the morning, and I’ll fill her in on my latest adventures. And hopefully, she’ll be able to sneak in that ultrasound. We’re still battling the insurance on those.