I’ve talked a bit about my friend Jackie. We met in college…I don’t remember actually meeting her, though, now that I think about it. I just knew her. We spent hours procrastinating in college. She was the only other person I knew that would wait until eight hours before her paper was due to start writing (and also got As on said papers, thankyouverymuch). We lived together at the beach for years after we graduated and had many adventures, some we remember and some we don’t. We would watch American Idol every week (OH Kelly Clarkson!) and roast marshmallows in our fake fireplace. She visited me in New York and taught me how to ice skate. When I was told I would miscarry Maddie , she comforted me when I cried, and when I was on bed rest she called me every day to make sure I was ok. She and her family put Maddie on every single prayer chain in the universe. She was one of my first friends to hold my little baby. She’s a ball of fun, and in my mind, there is an exclamation point after her name. Jackie!

Last night I got a phone call from a different friend, the kind of phone call where you know the second you answer the phone that something is wrong. My first thought went to my pregnant friends, and I feared one of them was in premature labor. Instead she told me something completely and totally different.

Yesterday at work, Jackie had a seizure in the middle of a meeting. Tests have discovered a brain tumor. Doctors don’t know if it’s cancer or not. song7Brain tumor. I am looking at the words but they are hard to believe. She is in the hospital, and the doctors want to remove the tumor as soon as possible. Her parents cut a vacation to Sweden short to be with her. They get back tonight at seven. Once they’re back, decisions will be made about treatments and surgery.

San Francisco has never felt so far away.

Jackie and meI don’t belong to any churches or prayer groups. I’m just asking all of you to please pray/hope/send positive thoughts toward Jackie and her family. She’s Hot Stuff On A Stick. My Monchichi, Cha Cha, Jack Attack, and about a billion other ridiculous names. Leave her well wishes – she reads this blog and I feel like giving her prayers is all I can do from way down here in LA.

She is the kind of friend everyone wants to be, and few are lucky enough to have.