Four years ago on the morning of the 2012 Presidential election, I jokingly asked Annabel who she was going to vote for. “Princesses!” she gleefully replied (this was smack in the middle of her Disney Princess phase). I was remembering this the other day and it got me thinking: the Disney Princesses are a pretty varied bunch, with a lot of different interests. It wasn’t hard for me to imagine what their driving political passions (and potential scandals) would be…

Anna from Frozen


Platform: Wants to open up the gates to refugees; strongly opposes walls and closed gates along borders.

Strengths: Loyal, willing to take risks, mean left hook.

Potential Scandals: Her judgement will be questioned if it’s revealed she became engaged to a man — who later tried to take over her kingdom — on the first day they met.

Elsa from Frozen


Platform: Environmental reform.

Strengths: Has experience leading a country, could single-handedly end global warming.

Potential Scandals: There’s a tiny little incident in her past where she almost killed thousands of people by freezing them to death, but she swears she has a handle on things now.

Tiana from The Princess and The Frog


Platform: Tax breaks for small business owners.

Strengths: Successful business woman, intelligent, hardworking, makes the best beignets.

Potential Scandals: Details could emerge about her hard-driving work ethic and how she put her dream of opening a restaurant above creating intimate, friendly relationships with others.

Snow White


Platform: Promises to rejuvenate the coal industry.

Strengths: Optimistic, kind, whistles while she works.

Potential Scandals: She might tumble in the polls when it’s revealed that she once lived with seven men at the same time.



Platform: Will raise the minimum wage across the country to a living wage.

Strengths: Her rags-to-riches story epitomizes the American Dream, making her relatable to the working class.

Potential Scandals: Her sanity could be questioned when it’s revealed she believes she can communicate with mice and birds.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast


Platform: Free college education for all.

Strengths: Intelligent, unconventional, well-read (she’s read every book in the library twice).

Potential Scandals: Her husband’s past beastly behavior will be a turnoff for some, but he isn’t running, she is.



Platform: Better support and resources for Veterans.

Strengths: Former military officer, resourceful, incredibly skilled at cutting hair with a sword.

Potential Scandals: She broke the law to enlist in the military, which might not impress those who are sticklers for the rules (even though she did it to save her father).

Merida from Brave


Platform: Women’s rights, equal pay for equal work.

Strengths: Doesn’t conform to gender norms, quick-witted, excellent at archery (could run a class for Secret Service).

Potential Scandals: An explosive tell-all interview by a Scottish Highlands witch about the time Merida vengefully turned her mother into a bear could frighten off many voters.