Friday was a obviously a crappy day, but it did have some bright spots. The one thing I knew would get me through the day was the Easter Egg hunt at James’ preschool. If 25 sugar-crazed kids can’t make you smile, nothing can.

James had been looking forward to the egg hunt for WEEKS. His teachers totally had him hyped up about it, and every morning he’d ask me, “Mommy, is today my egg hunt at school?” It was such a relief to finally answer that question with a YES. He shrieked and clapped and said, “I’m going to find ALL the eggs!”

When I arrived at the school, there were hundreds of eggs spread out on the lawns in front.

eggs everywhere

I said to one of the parents, “These should last for about…oh, maybe three minutes.” She looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Really?!” Clearly a preschool egg hunt rookie.

When the kids walked out with their teachers, I started laughing. James was holding his bag like he was about to go trick-or-treating or something.

After the kids lined up for pictures, the teachers instructed them to not take more than 15 eggs each. That made me laugh, too. After a 3-2-1 countdown, the hunt began. James was ON IT.

diving for eggs

egg hunt

egg hunting

I seriously LOVE watching massive egg hunts like this. My favorites are the kids who are methodical and so pleased to just find ONE egg. That’s how my brother was when we were kids. I, on the other hand, was exactly like James: shoving as many eggs as possible into my basket.

Surprisingly, he was only three eggs over the limit. I pulled them out of his bag and tossed them back on the lawn, and two kids immediately jumped on top of them like a lion attacking its prey. I’m not gonna lie, I was unsettled.

James ended up with a nice assortment of candy and cheap toys (all of which made his sister incredibly jealous), and he was THRILLED with it all. Our own Easter bunny will definitely not spend much money on eggs this year, LOL.

My little guy has really thrived in preschool this year. I’m so thankful that his teachers love him. He’s loveable and adorable and talkative and trouble, but I wouldn’t want him any other way (except for the trouble part).

Jamesie bunny