On Annabel’s first day of school, she brought home an information packet that included a sheet outlining homework. I was like, “LOL, homework in Kindergarten, what is it, singing songs and finger painting?” I was so naive.

Yesterday, Annabel brought home her first homework packet. It was in this cute little folder:

More like "mom's homework folder"
Let’s be real, that folder should say, “Annabel’s Mom’s Homework.”

We adults all know that homework is basically the worst, but I’m not going to tell my kid that. Homework is going to be her way of life for the next…oh, thirteen to twenty-five years. Best to go into it with an open mind. So I pulled out the folder and was like, “WOO! You got homework! Let’s do this” And she gave me a look and replied, “The first graders say homework stinks.”

Freaking six-year-olds ruining my scam. But I persevered:

“No, homework is amaaaaazing. Let’s see…today you get to write your name on these forms…and write your name ten times on this worksheet. Easiest homework ever!”

“But…I already know how to write my name.”

“YES. So this will be easy! You’ll be practicing your printing. WOO!” Then I did spirit fingers, which elicited another pitying look.

I gave her the worksheet first. She had to write her name ten times. She lost interest after the second “Annabel.”

“But I don’t get it…why do I have to do work at home if I did work at school…this is boring.”

I told her all of the things a parent is supposed to say, like how it’s important to practice what you know, and how this reinforces what she learned. But in my head I was like, “Yeah…I know.”

So, the next few weeks will be dedicated to figuring out the best way to approach homework. Her teacher said they will only have 10 minutes at night at the most (plus 15 minutes of nightly reading), so this homework is mostly about developing good habits.

homework already

…good habits in both of us, because saying out loud, “Writing your name ten times is nothing, just wait until you have to write essays!” is not helpful (I didn’t actually say that, but it definitely crossed my mind).

When do your kids do best with homework? Yesterday, Annabel had a snack and then got started on her work. I thought that would be better than letting her play, then making her stop to do work, but maybe she needs that decompression time. Or maybe I do.

Only thirteen more years of homework to go! *spirit fingers* *cries*