As I’ve mentioned several times, Annie has a love/hate relationship with me. Well, more like a love/ambivalent relationship. She loves to play with me, but still drops me like a bad habit when daddy is around.

This weekend is the March of Dimes walk, so I have lots of friends coming into town to support our March for Maddie team. Yesterday I picked up my friends Greis and Jen, and Jen’s squishy little five month old Katelyn. Baby Kate is so little and adorable, she knocked my baby fever up to 10.

When we arrived at Hotel My Parents’ House, I was anxious to hold Katelyn, but after experiencing her first flight she was pretty clingy with her mama. I was patient, and finally had my chance to cuddle her.

And Annie…reacted.

what are you doing mommy?!

put that squeaky thing down and pick me up!

She started yanking on my legs and Katelyn’s blanket, hollering “UP! UP!” She was totally jealous! Once I handed off Katelyn, Annie didn’t stop hounding me until I picked her up and hugged her. Only then was she satisfied that there wasn’t someone new in the picture.

I’m not going to lie, I really liked seeing her act like I was HER mama, and that she didn’t want to share me. It was nice to see that she felt some ownership of me! Heh heh.

However. We do eventually want to give her a younger sibling (not for a while, mom, don’t worry), and as much as I like to see how much she loves and needs me, it does make me worry about how she will adjust to a “permanent” baby.

Is this a phase that children outgrow? Is this something I can prepare her for? Or will we just have to sleep with one eye open if we eventually bring home another baby?

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