My time away from the site is finally over. I know my adoring public of three people have missed my site updates very much. I had a very eventful time away from the site. I was in a car accident, went to an engagement party, received several nice Christmas presents, “vacationed” in Miami, and almost started fights with two grown men. Among other things. I think this picture sums up my state of mind right now, being back at work for the first time in two weeks. As Joey would say imitating Chandler, ‘Could I BE wearing any more clothes?’ I was unpacking in Miami…and really, the point of the outfit is not as important as the tears of happiness it brought to the eyes of one Leslie, aged 23. She prefers seeing me with many layers of clothing on as opposed to when I used to fall down while changing in the room we used to share. A little too much of me, if you know what I mean.