Hi everyone…Mike here! In honor of Heather’s 39th birthday, Annie and James were kind enough to give me an exclusive interview all about their mom!

Mike: First, let me thank you both for taking time out of your busy schedules to chat with me today. First question: What is mommy’s favorite food?

James: Salad!

Mike: Really?

James: Yes! Salad!

Annie: I think her favorite food is Grandma’s spaghetti and garlic bread!


Mike: How about her favorite  junk food?

James: Cookies!

Annie: More like that’s YOUR favorite, James. Mom loves In N’ Out food!


 Mike: What would say her favorite drink is?

Annie: Beer!

James: The orange drink she always drinks!

Annie: That’s beer.

Mike: Mom doesn’t drink beer that much, you guys! I thought you’d say coffee.

Annie: Oh yeah! Starbucks. That!


Mike: What does mommy say when she gets mad?

James: No electronics for a month!

Annie: Go to your room!!!!

Mike: How does mommy make you laugh?

Annie: By tickling me and telling me funny things like the softball cheer, “You gotta cheat us to beat us and that’s not fair!”

James: She tickles me a LOT!


Mike: What’s your best memory of mommy the last year?”

James: Going to Disneyland with mommy (and Grandma) when I turned 4!

Annie: Almost winning our softball game in districts and getting two trophies from winning so many games in earlier tournaments.

Mike: What is mommy’s favorite song?

Annie: Taylor Swift and the ’90s Channel!

James: Happy Birthday to you.

Mike: Happy Birthday to you? That’s mommy’s favorite song?

James: Yeah!

Mike: What do you like most about Mommy?

Annie:  She is nice to me and is the best softball coach in the world.

James: She makes me happy when I’m sad.


Mike: Now what do you love about Mommy?

Annie: I love her hugs and kisses and mommy angel.

Mike: What’s mommy angel?

Annie: When I’m scared about something she tells me she will turn into mommy angel who protects me, and I’m not scared anymore.

James: I like that she takes me to fun places on Friday. And gives me hugs and kisses!


Mike: What does Mommy love about you the most?

James: She loves to hug and kiss me every day.

Annie: My humor makes her laugh.


Mike: What is Mommy good at?

Annie: Being a softball coach!

James:  Going on waterslides and rides with me!

Mike: Alright, you knuckleheads. What message do you have for mommy?

Annie: Keep on going as good as you’ve been doing, but you can get better every day at everything! You’re a great mom and a great softball coach — not even Bampa is as good as you! Happy Birthday! I love you!

James: Thank you for being my mommy and thank you for hugging and kissing me. And thank you for giving me clothes!

Happy Birthday, Heather! We all love you very much, even if you are a weirdo whose favorite song is “Happy Birthday To You.”