There are all kinds of cool Halloween events for kids around Los Angeles at the moment, and thanks to my job for Mommy Nearest we’ve gotten the chance to check a number of them out. This weekend was especially busy, with two big things going on.

On Saturday we hit up Knott’s Spooky Farm, where the kids got to wear costumes. Annabel was very excited about this and requested to wear her Supergirl costume.

Annie and Charlie

I’ve been working on boosting James’ dress-up clothes, so I was happy to buy him a Superman costume that matched Annabel’s. Except James haaaaaaaaated it. The built-in muscles annoyed him. I have the same problem, but with my real muscles (I’m so ripped).

james is done

He also hated Charlie Brown, apparently.

We also learned that James DOES NOT LIKE IT when Annabel gets to go on rides he is too small for.

flying away
Happy child!

not happy Annie is on a ride without him
Sad child.

After that, the hunt was on to find rides James could also go on.


When we weren’t on rides, or in line for rides, or standing near rides screaming, we did some of the special Halloween stuff. Knott’s had trick-or-treating stations:

getting candy

…and spooky people throughout the park:


I see dead people

Plus lots of “spooky” things that were not even a little bit scary, like walks through pumpkin patches and giant jack o’lanterns.

spooky hollow


The next morning, we woke up and headed for “Boo at the Zoo” at the LA Zoo and Botanical Garden. It had rained all night and for most of the morning, which put a damper on some of the Halloween festivities, but it made the zoo cool and practically deserted. I actually got to wear a jacket! And I enjoyed it, especially since I know it will be back to 90 degrees by Friday.

at the zoo

The kids loved running through the (very wet) hay maze:

in the maze

They also had fun with some of the creepy, crawly stuff:


And this “haunted” room:

spooky wall

We were blown away by the pumpkin carving station, where these three pumpkins illustrated all the things my children love:


My favorite was the “face” station, where James had a caricature drawn while Annabel got her face painted.

getting a caricature

The results were pretty good!

face paint

caricature James

We had a great time at both events but hitting two in one weekend made for an exhausting couple days, especially when nothing tires your kids out! Mike and I would be like, “Hey, now that we’re home, let’s all take a big nap on the couch!” And they were like, “LOL no.” I really need to teach my kids how glorious naps are.