My kids are all follicularly blessed, especially Annie. She loves her long hair and I respect that. I know the time will come when she wants to chop it all off, so even though it would be a lot easier for me now if her hair was shorter (as I’m the one brushing and styling it), it’s very important to me that any major style changes are her decision.

That being said, the girl’s hair was getting ragged. See the blondish ends here?

before hair
You’re welcome for cropping out the horse dong.

Those blonde ends are tangle-city. I knew they absolutely had to get cut off to restore her hair’s health, but I was hopeful we could make it until the end of the summer and swimming. But over the weekend I spent ten minutes detangling just one section of her hair and something inside me snapped. I made a hair appointment for her ASAP.

Annie has had haircuts before, but without the whole “salon” experience. She’d never done the hair wash, or the blow dryer (although I blow-dry her hair at home occasionally), and I thought this time she’d be old enough to enjoy it. When I told her about the haircut, I also mentioned that she’d get to do all the extras, just like when I go to the salon. “I get to have a hair cut like the big girls? Like I’m a five-year-old?” Yup.

getting her hair washed

I love it when kids look so big yet so small all at once.

getting her hair washed

When I told Annie she needed a haircut, I explained that cutting off the ends of the old hair made the rest of the hair healthier. She completely accepted this and had no problems in the chair at all, even during the blow dry.

getting a blow dry

Her face when she saw her finished hair was priceless.

seeing her new haircut

Since we were already there, I asked the hairdresser if she could trim up James’ hair. His last cut was less than a month ago, but it was already in need of some maintenance. I held him on my lap while his hair was cut, and he was as content as could be thanks to Let It Go playing in a loop on my iPhone.

The end results for both are great:

After Hair

Mr Haircut

I loooove both of their cuts. I’m not used to how often boys need haircuts! This was the third haircut for Annie AND James. Funny how they both have high-maintenance hair in completely different ways. (Maybe James will want a buzz cut one day like his dad.)