My brother is at a film festival this week, so we are taking care of his dog, Yoshi, while he’s gone. We spent the day yesterday preparing and adjusting the house to temporarily have two dogs, but I actually should have prepped for three because apparently James is a dog now.

Schuyler and Yoshi have met a couple times, but yesterday was the first time we really let the two of them play. I guess James thought their weird doggy dance of nipping, rolling, and butt-sniffing looked fun, because he wanted in on the action.

Yoshi was totally cool with this, and why wouldn’t he be? Someone else to play with! He immediately started bouncing around with James, chasing him and licking his face. James, who is normally not cool with unsolicited dog affection, was surprisingly okay with this. When I mentioned my surprise to Mike he said, “When in Rome.”

Schuyler, on the other hand, is totally thrown by Dog James. When James started crawling around on all fours, Schuyler looked at him with an expression that can only be described as, “Oh HELLLLL no.” Maybe that’s because James already steals her toys on a regular basis (whenever I’m looking for one of Schuyler’s balls, there’s a 100% chance that it’s in James’ room.), so she likely couldn’t imagine what other indignities this would bring.

I thought James the Dog would be a quick thing, but it continued all the way up through bedtime. The good news is that crawling around on all fours is surprisingly exhausting for a three-year-old, and he fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. The bad thing is that James sobbed when I wouldn’t bring him along when I took Yoshi for a quick evening walk because, “I gotta pee, too!” Sorry, James. You can pretend you’re a dog as much as you want when you’re inside the house, but I draw the line at letting you pee in front of the neighbors.