When we started planning our Disneyland overnight, Mike almost immediately started angling to make a visit to nearby Medieval Times. Mike has wanted to go to MT since he saw Cable Guy in 1996.


Growing up in Southern California, I’ve seen countless commercials for the “dinner and tournament,” and  never had a desire to go. Mike rightly pointed out that we’re rarely in that part of town without something else to do. So, we bought tickets and added it to our big weekend itinerary.

After we left the hotel on Saturday we drove six or so miles to the Medieval Times Buena Park “Castle.” Annie was pretty sad to leave Disneyland, but parking in front of a castle certainly removed the sting. When we entered the castle we were told we’d be rooting for the Red and Yellow Knight. Awwww yeah.

gooooo Red and Yellow Knight!

We then entered a great-hall that was totally chaotic. The walls were lined with bars and shops selling swords, shields, crowns, and wands, and the floor was full of people and carts selling flashing light toys for the kids. It was seriously a madhouse, but luckily we weren’t in there for long before we were seated.

Medieval Times

The show was actually entertaining, if a bit long. It’s definitely hokey but that’s half the fun. The horses are beautiful and some of the tricks the knights can do with weapons are quite impressive.

Medieval Times

The people-watching was amazing, especially the people seated around us. They were SO INTO IT that it was hard to not be swept up in their excitement. Some of them were even in full medieval costume! I admired their dedication.

The kids were into it as well. James liked all the lights and noise and always clapped when everyone around us did. There’s a whole story that goes with the show (it’s not just fight fight fight) and Annie was very interested. She also enjoyed cheering and booing with the rest of the crowd.

Medieval Times

The food, while completely lacking in vegetables, was surprisingly good (the woman next to us got the vegetarian meal, so it does exist). You eat it with your hands, which some people might find a little squicky…like Annabel. At one point she asked, “Mom, can I get a fork?” And Mike and I in unison replied:


Annie was like, “You guys are weird.”

James, on the other hand, loved eating with his hands. The kid’s a bottomless pit and ate half of Mike’s plate, plus everything Annabel didn’t eat (he also snagged her dessert when she wasn’t looking). He’s going to be expensive to feed as he gets older.

Medieval Times

At the end of the show, my cheeks hurt from laughing. I don’t see myself going back, but I think it’s a fun time for families or a great group of friends (I also think the $10 seat upgrade is totally worth it). Mike says it was everything he hoped it would be, even if he didn’t get to go down into the arena and fight someone “to the death.”