I blinked and James is five months old.

James, month five
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weight: 17 pounds
length: 27.5 inches
head: 18.5 inches
hair: filling in

Sweet James has been teething hard this month. I wish I’d really savored those ten days where he slept through the night, because ever since he started teething he wakes up two or three times. He’s happiest when he has a finger or hand to chew on. During the flight to Hawaii, he chewed on my finger for over an hour. The next day, I let him chomp down on my finger only to discover one of his bottom teeth had popped through! I thought he’d have some relief once his other bottom tooth finally surfaced, but he seems to be working on more. I can’t believe he has teeth already!

James, month five

Even though he’s hurting, the little guy is still as smiley as ever. You never would have known he was in pain on the flight – he was so perfect the people sitting behind us didn’t even know we had a baby with us. He’s been whimpering a bit more since we returned, so I’m keeping him well-dosed with Tylenol.

James, month five

He’s getting so long. He’s in the 96th percentile for height, but in the 60th percentile for weight. Finding clothes that fit him is a challenge! Footie pajamas and sleep sacks aren’t long enough, but the next size up absolutely swim on him. Capri pants are totally cute on boys, right? Hahaha

James, month five

He loves it when I lay him on a blanket on the floor so he can get some back and tummy time. Last week I left him on his back while I took out Rigby, and when I came back in James was on his stomach! Poor third child with unwitnessed milestones! He likes rolling onto his side to sleep, but flipping onto his stomach hasn’t become a regular thing yet – he usually looks pretty stunned when he does it!

I gave him a few bites of apple sauce last week (and of course he smiled like it was the greatest thing ever), but this month solids will begin in earnest. I can’t believe it!

James Asher: Month five

He looks like he can’t believe it, either.