In November of last year, I was asked to send over some family photos to an organization that I volunteer with. The problem was, I didn’t have any recent family photos…the closest I could find was a snap of the four of us in the ocean when we were on vacation – a great memory, but not what the organization was looking for. I did some digging and discovered it had been a year since we all had a nice photo together (at my cousin’s wedding) and 18 months since we’d had our photos professionally taken.

I’d promised myself I wasn’t going to let such large amounts of time go by without getting family photos taken, but I’d always had an excuse for why we couldn’t get pictures. I’m glad our hand was forced, because who knows how long I would have put it off? My friend Yvonne was incredibly awesome and flexible, meeting us in a park near Mike’s office on only two days’ notice. I love the pictures and think she did an amazing job – especially when you know that ALL James wanted to do was play on the playground that we’d passed when we walked in!

HeatherFINAL (37 of 45)


Her pictures of James kill me!

HeatherFINAL (39 of 45)


His pose in this picture makes me laugh SO hard.

Her pictures of my girl are just as amazing:

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I especially love these:

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When I look at these I think, “What was I waiting for?”