Last week, I had a water balloon fight at my last softball practice. James saw us filling up the balloons before practice, and he was soooo mad that he didn’t get to participate. Luckily for James, I bought more balloons than we needed, so I promised him we’d fill them up over the weekend. Because he’s no dummy, he immediately told Annie, and the two of them made sure I didn’t forget. On Saturday morning, the first thing out of James’ mouth was, “IT’S WATER BALLOON DAY!” He patiently sat through both of Annie’s softball games, but the second they were over he yelled, “LET’S GO HOME AND FIGHT!”

I realized that we hadn’t had a water balloon fight in our backyard since Annie was younger than James is now. Look how cute she was!

She may not be a little toddler anymore, but that intense joy was still visible.

got him!

Unlike when she was little, Mike didn’t hold back:

got her!<

all wet

James was in his element. It’s not very often he’s allowed to throw and break things on purpose!

all wet


Annie originally wanted the water balloon fight to be “boys vs girls” but Mike and I nixed that and made it “parents vs kids.” It forced the kids to work together, and it was WAY more fun for Mike and me.

here it comes!


talking strategy

I don’t think I’ll be able to go four years before we have another water balloon fight in the backyard, but I need at least a month to recover from filling up so many water balloons in such a short amount of time. My back still hasn’t recovered!