I don’t know if you guys have or use the Snapchat app – I have it but I almost never use it, and I don’t understand it because it’s meant for youths and I AM AN OLD, OKAY? – but apparently it has a bunch of crazy options for your selfies. It uses fancy face recognition to do things to your face that are strange and sometimes hilarious. I’ve seen people post images that were created by Snapchat, but I never thought much of them until Annabel and I came across this article on BuzzFeed. Apparently there’s a brand new filter that lets you swap faces with another person…so obviously we had to try it.

And you guys…it’s crazy.

heather annie swap

That’s me and Annabel…I don’t know what to think!


Then I switched faces with James. I’m scared.

But then…then I switched faces with Rigby.


I have to leave this planet now.

This ridiculous app has a bunch of other random things you can do to your selfies, like add hearts to your eyes, turn yourself into a skeleton or alien, and throw up rainbows. Yep.





That picture is one of the most effed up things I’ve ever seen.

This app is pointless (for me) and we spent an hour on it, so WELL PLAYED, Snapchat. And of course when Mike got home, we had to swap faces with him, too.


Mike and I will never speak about this face swap again.


This picture actually looks okay, which I think is almost MORE terrifying! Mike looks like Cam from Modern Family and Annabel looks like a member of the Foo Fighters.


Ohmigah. Nightmares.

I don’t understand youths, you guys.