Like any human, I have a lot of different tshirts. Most of them are simple, but I have a few with logos and writing. My Dodger and USC Trojan shirts barely elicit a response around town, and obviously if I wear a political shirt I get some raised eyebrows or occasional high-fives. But I have one shirt that I refer to as my “Controversial T-shirt” that gets intense reactions everywhere I go. It’s not political, but it might as well be:

I will fight you

This shirt has gotten me into so many fights, you guys. I’m not kidding. People will stop me in the store, on the sidewalk, at school pick up, to either laugh and agree or vehemently tell me all the reason why my shirt is WRONG and I am a TERRIBLE PERSON OMG how DARE I wear a shirt saying dogs are better than cats?!

An old lady in a fabric store once glared at me and said, ‘You wouldn’t say that about cats if you knew MY cat.’ A guy wearing the sweatshirt from the local college shouted at me in Trader Joe’s, ‘Dogs are stupid! Cats are the smartest creatures on the planet!!!’ And my personal favorite, “Mrs. Spohr, that shirt is JUST WRONG!” was hissed at me by one of Annie’s classmates (I wore it because they were learning about greater than/less than in class). LOL forever.

The shirt (which I got from Mike and is sold in the Cats > Dogs version) is super comfortable but has become such a conversation starter that I almost never wear it outside of my house anymore. I don’t want people to talk to me when I’m running to the grocery store. I just wanna get in and get out! Let me liiiiiiiive!

I don’t hate cats. I’m just incredibly allergic to them and feel like they’d probably enjoy killing me if given the opportunity. Dogs are cuddly and give kisses and I’m pretty sure my dog would give me her kidney if I needed it. I’m sure there is a cat out there I’m not allergic to who would also give me kisses and a kidney, but I have yet to meet that cat.

This gif sums it up. Is it a hug? Is it an attack? With cats, you never know.