Right after Liam was born, Leah and Ted asked me if I would take newborn photos of him. I was excited but nervous – I haven’t been keeping up with my photography skills (beyond landscapes) and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to capture their little sweetie well. But they were insistent and very relaxed about it, so a couple weeks after he was born I got to capture the little guy.

Little Liam

Little Liam

Liam Feet

Because he was born on St. Patrick’s Day (and just a week before Easter), Leah had some props she wanted him to wear. Liam was…not so sure about them.

Liam John the Leprechaun

Liam John the Leprechaun

Pretty sure if he were a real Leprechaun, he’d have cursed us.

luck of the irish

He also wasn’t a real big fan of the bunny outfit, but it did lead to one of my favorite baby expressions ever!

Liam the Bunny

I mean. He is judging us hard.

But can you blame us? Look at this little butt.

Liam the bunny

It felt good to get behind my camera again. I’ve been so busy and overwhelmed lately that I’ve neglected to make time for the things I really enjoy, like photography and crafting. I’m thankful Leah and Ted gave me a push toward picking up my camera, and even more thankful that I had a snuggly little subject like Liam…even if he’s probably going to hate us someday for putting him in bunny ears.