Annabel dictated this post to me, and it cracked me up:

Hey everyone, it’s Annabel. Remember, it’s not my mom!

I want to tell you what it’s like to have a little brother.

Brothers are very surprising to have. And very, very funny. But when they’re just born, they can’t exactly do that much stuff. When they are babies, they can be very, very, very cute. But when they’re older, they can be crazy.

My little brother is still learning how to talk and he doesn’t speak in straight sentences. I have to guess what he’s talking about, but I understand him better than anyone else because I’m used to him.

My little brother LOVES me, because we have a lot in common. I love music and he loves music, we like to play games, and he likes to play with me.

Sometimes we get in fights about who gets to play with a toy first. I usually win though, because I’m bigger than him. Sometimes my mom makes him win, which is unfair. He’s gotta earn it, you know?

James is so, so crazy. He likes to climb up things and jump off of them. He makes me do stuff for him like give him piggy back rides and then he falls off. He’s always jumping on me if I’m laying down, which is funny except for when he hurts me.


look out below

James is so embarrassing sometimes. He whines in Target and cries and everyone looks at us. One time he kicked a rock and it nearly hit someone and I was so embarrassed.

He always goes in my room and takes stuff! I always have to chase him to get it back before he breaks it.

My favorite thing about James is that he loves me! I love to snuggle with him and give him Eskimo kisses and tickle him until he cracks up. He’s adorable and I love to squeeze him until he says “Owie, owie!” I will never let ANYONE be mean to him. I love him to the end of my heart.