Maddie was in the NICU over Christmas, but that didn’t stop anyone from giving her presents. My brother Kyle gave Maddie a great shirt. It was HUGE on her at the time (size 3-6 months when she was swimming in preemie clothes) but we made it work. The nurses and the other parents in the NICU LOOOOVED it.
The bravest

I know, right? So freaking cute and awesome.

When Mike, Maddie, and I went up to the Bay Area over the 4th of July, Maddie and I spent a lot of time with Jackie! I gave Jackie! a bunch of stuff – my wig collection, a bedazzled bandana (YES), the shirt she wore on Sunday, and one special thing. It was Maddie’s idea, actually. She wanted Jackie! to have her “I’m Brave” shirt. It had brought her so much luck, she wanted Jackie! to have it.

Early this evening, my phone beeped with a picture message. I downloaded it and saw this:
Jackie! and Maddie's shirt
Along with the following message: Jackie says she loves you…and thanks Maddie for the shirt. Thank you for being such a great friend to her. And thank Maddie for being such a great role model.

I don’t know what got me more – my daughter’s shirt with my incredibly brave friend, or the smile on her face. Hmm…definitely the smile.

Her sisters updated all of us again to say that Jackie!, while extremely tired, is in great spirits. While she laid in recovery, she chanted our alma mater’s fight song. She made joke’s about her hair line being shaved a la Queen Elizabeth I. She has a long road ahead, but she’s already off to a great start.

Another friend of mine, Kim (a former roommate of mine and Jackie!’s) went into labor on Sunday night over four weeks early. After dilating to six inches, things stalled, so Kim had a C-Section today just before 7 pm. Her beautiful daughter Catie was born weighing 6lbs, 4oz and 18 inches (she’s almost as tall as her mom already!). The same day Jackie! had her tumor removed, Catie joined the world.