Next week, I am going to New York City for the BlogHer conference. My mom and cousin Leah are also joining me, and of course no trip would be complete without my travel pal Annabel. I’m really excited to go back to my second home, and I’m going to be there for six days! This means I’ll have plenty of time to see my friends, both online and local.

When I lived in New York, I did the touristy things when my friends would come visit. So I’ve been to the Statue of Liberty, Ice Skated in Central Park, and eaten my way through Little Italy. So, this time, I want to make it more interesting.

Since life lists are totally the rage right now AND I’m embracing Thirty-Fun, I’m working on my New York City must-list.

  • make a bootleg DVD of Annabel movies and sell it in SoHo for $5.
  • get my mom on the Today Show’s Ambush Makeover. She needs something awesome like that after everything that’s happened (and she’s celebrating a big birthday this year).
  • speaking of the Today Show, Annabel needs to meet her sister’s favorite guy, Matt Lauer.
  • make Leah eat Tasti D Lite, watch her gag (she hates sugar, you guys. How are we even related?).
  • threaten to take Brittany on the Roosevelt Island Tramway, video tape her peeing her pants in fear.
  • and, speaking of Brittany, launch our awesome new venture in NYC, Mouth Media.
  • eat from food carts and hunt down Mr. Softee, then spend days trying to get the jingle out of my head.
  • kick ass at karaoke (yes, this is on my must-list for every city).
  • convince tourists I am a dancer in a Broadway show.
  • Order soup correctly from the Original Soup Man (aka the Soup Nazi)

It’s obviously still a work in progress.

Who else is going to NYC next week? What is the one thing you want to do there? And if you aren’t going, what one thing can I do for you and document with my cameras?

This totally just turned into Truth or Dare.