Annie was pretty jealous when I saw NKOTB a couple weeks ago. “When do *I* get to go to another concert?” Luckily for her, we had one already scheduled for the following weekend: Kidz Bop.

Annie: I was SUPER excited when Mom and Daddy told me we were going to Kidz Bop! I was running in circles screaming. James was excited, too! 

Mike was given the opportunity to interview the Kidz Bop Kids for BuzzFeed, and he decided it would be fun to take Annie along with him. Unfortunately for both of them, they had The Pink Eye and had to cancel the interview. BUT! The rep for Kidz Bop offered to let them do the interview by phone, which was awesome. Annie spent hours putting together her list of questions.

Annie: I was really excited to ask them questions. I wanted to know what their favorite songs to perform were, and what inspired them to start singing. I was nervous when we called them on the phone because I was afraid I’d say the wrong words, but I didn’t mess up at all! The Kidz Bop Kids were REALLY nice and fun to talk to. 

Mike said that he was really proud of Annie during the interview. She was poised and spoke clearly, and even had follow-up comments and questions for the Kids. Maybe she’ll be like her Uncle Kyle and become an entertainment journalist.

The day of the concert arrived and luckily, all of The Pink Eye was gone. Annie and James were BEYONNNND excited. Like…they were acting as though they’d had a pot of coffee. Each. But Mike and I were glad they were so stoked on the show, even if we were exhausted before it even started.

Annie: There were all sorts of fun things for us to do before the concert! There were coloring and games and hula hoops! I love hula hooping!


Kidz Boppin

Best Fans Ever
James has never been so happy in his life.

James and Annie also got to meet the Kidz Bop Kids briefly before the show.

Annie: I was blown away to see them in person! They looked awesome, like rock stars! And they were so nice. They remembered me from our phone interview!

After what felt like 10 hours and 187 trips to the bathroom, we finally took our seats. The stage was exactly what you’d expect, with things for the KB kids to climb and dance on, and even included a slide. James about lost his mind when he saw the slide. There were also big screens that played music videos and “skits” that the KB Kids had put together. James had never been to a concert before and I’m pretty sure he thought the preshow WAS the concert. He looked pretty surprised when the music started blasting and the KB Kids rode out on bicycles.

KB Bikes

Annie: The concert was just as awesome as Taylor Swift! They rode bikes and scooters, which I thought was kind of weird but also cool. I LOVED that they threw beach balls and shirts into the audience. I didn’t get a shirt but I hit the beach balls a lot. I think James hit a beach ball, too.

beach baller

During the concert, we discovered that Annie approaches concerts like me (dances and sings along) and James is pure Mike: he sat there very seriously and absorbed everything that was happening around him.

Little Heather, Little Mike

Even though there are six Kidz Bop Kids, only four perform at the same time. I assume that has to do with child labor laws? And speaking of child labor laws, the Kidz Bop Kids sang for 30 minutes, then had a 30-minute break, then came out and sang for 30 more minutes. So not the longest show in the world, but it’s the perfect length for short-attention-span kids and their parents who’ve had an ass-full of Kidz Bop songs. The kids in the group are CRAZY talented but I could not hear one. more. song.

I tried to take a photo with James and this mom and daughter thought it was hilarious to photobomb every. single. photo.

Me and James and two photobombers

The mom said like eight times, “We photobombed you!” Yeah, I know.

Annie: I was sad when it was over. We had so much fun, we thought it was awesome! James and I are gonna be in Kidz Bop someday. We’re gonna practice all summer!

James: I thought Kidz Bop show was so great and Mama got me a shirt that’s too big. I liked my hot dog and clapping and Uptown Funk.

The final song was Uptown Funk and THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT because I think James might have cried if they hadn’t played it.

ready for the show

I think this filled my Kids Concert Quota for the next two years, though.