Despite the time difference working against us, everyone was up bright and early on our second day in Waco (our first day is here). We were headed to Chip and Joanna’s shop where a special lunch for us had been planned by Chip’s assistant, and we all wanted to explore before we met up with her.

Chip and Joanna opened their shop and open air market on the ground where two old, historic silos had stood rusting for years. They built a giant shop, a large grass play area that includes soccer balls, frisbees, and corn hole, a huge line of swings, several food trucks, a seed and supply store, and a bakery. The kids had a total blast playing in the shadows of the silos.

silo soccer

silo hooping

silo swinging

Which isn’t to say Mike and I didn’t have fun out there, too!

at Magnolia Market

with my best girl

But I’m not going to lie, I really enjoyed being inside the shop and seeing all the pretty things:

magnolia christmas

Magnolia Christmas

Magnolia Clock
I want this infinity clock frame so much, but it’s not available online!

Magnolia Bobbleheads

After walking around the shop for a bit, it was time to meet up with Chip’s assistant, Beth. She took us up to the offices above the store, where I saw that the workspace for Magnolia is just as well-designed as you might expect.

magnolia office

Magnolia Offices

We were brought into a large conference room to eat. The centerpiece of the room is a gorgeous table constructed by Clint (of course!). We also got to meet Joanna’s mom, Nan, who is incredibly sweet.

With Joanna's mom

After we ate (I had grits and sweet tea, because when in the South…), we had a private tour of the grounds. This included seeing the warehouse, peeking into the private offices, and going to the roof of the market:

Magnolia Market

looking down at the bakery
Looking down at the bakery.

looking down on the market

The kids spent time yelling, “Hello down there!” I’m sure everyone on the grass below loved it.

Hello down there!

Of course, we also had to take pictures of the Fixer Upper Minis:

on the roof of the market

fixer upper minis

I know what you’re wondering and no, we did NOT meet Chip and Joanna — they were filming! Even without meeting them, it was still an amazing day. Everyone who works for the Gainses  is incredibly charming and nice. We could not have felt more welcomed.

The next day, we fit in a bit more sightseeing. After hitting up the local Farmers Market for breakfast, we stopped by the Dr. Pepper museum, where the kids had their first-ever Dr. Pepper floats. They LOVED them, and why wouldn’t they, Dr. Pepper is a superior soft drink YEAH I SAID IT.

Annie is blissed out
Annie was totally blissed out

Mike and I tried the Hot Dr. Pepper, which sounds questionable but I actually enjoyed. Mike was more neutral on it, because he’s a hater.

After the museum, we went to Clint’s shop and received another private tour (and took even more photos).

Harp Design Co
With one of Clint’s sweet employees.

I can make a table!

I know what you’re wondering and no, we didn’t meet Clint. He was also filming!

We finished the day off with delicious BBQ at Vitek’s. Well, some of us did.


James was tuckered out! Don’t worry, he woke up in time for ice cream sandwiches, which I’m sure was his plan all along.

As we were leaving the restaurant, Annabel yelled, “Mom, look, I’m in college!”

Look, I'm in college!

Just replace that white cup with a red one and I could almost believe it (I’m scared).

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and before we knew it we were back at the airport.

carrying his own bag

I still can’t believe that Chip and Joanna flew us all out there, with absolutely no catches and or strings attached. They really just wanted us to all have fun and enjoy Waco. Even though we didn’t meet them, I think this really shows that they are just as wonderful and nice as they seem on their show. They made sure ALL the kids felt important — not just the little siblings, but the big ones, too. We are all so incredibly grateful for their kindness!