Annie loves talking. LOVES it. If she is awake, she’s talking. It’s hilarious most of the time, especially when she can’t think of the words she needs to create her thoughts. For example, “Mama…gibberish gibberish go outside?” The “gibberish” being this weird rolling of the tongue over her lips while she makes noise. Kind of the toddler version of “blah blah blah.” I have to get a video of it because someday, I’m going to miss it.


The other thing Annie does when she talks is use “Annie language.” I think all kids have this – a sort of short-hand they create for different objects that only those “in the know” can understand…like parents who are around them all the time. One of you suggested we start writing these words down since she won’t always call balloons, “baboons,” (in fact, I just realized she has grown out of this already!). Writing down Annie-isms has come in handy for the times my parents or cousin Leah are watching Annie. They’ve all used my list as a guide to understanding her.

For example:

Happy Sun
1. Raisin Bran cereal. “Annie eat Happy Sun food? Pweeease?”

1. A colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain.
2. Or, from the Annie: Milk, especially when poured over cereal: “More water, Dadda! Happy Sun need water!”

Icee Cone
1. Ice cream served in a bowl or on a cone.
2. Yogurt: “Annie thinks the yogurt is an icee cone, Mike. Heh, heh.”

1. Tired or in need of rest: “Mama, Annie tie-tie.”

Elmo Abby
1. Characters from the popular children’s program, Sesame Street.
2. Or, from the Annie: A sippy cup, more specifically one that has images of Sesame Street characters on the side: “More Elmo Abby, Mama? Mooooooooooore? Pwease?”

1. A hummingbird: “Mama, see hummer! Hold hummer! Touch hummer! Hummer so cute!”
(See also “awkward”)

Elmo Book
1. Our iPad that has several episodes of Sesame Street and dozens of Elmo-themed eBooks downloaded onto it. “Mama? Watch Elmo Book, Mama?

1. A small, juicy, fleshy fruit such as raspberries.
2. Or, from the Annie, a grape: “Annie, why do you call grapes berries? Really, why?!”

1. A nectar feeding insect with two pairs of typically large and colorful wings.
2. Or, from the Annie, any hair clip: “Off, Mama? Off butterfly?”

I know I’m her mom, but I think some of these should totally make their way into common usage. Except “touch hummer,” because that could bring on some unwanted results.