Annabel’s teacher told her that she should be a writer, “just like her mom,” and ever since then, Annabel has been asking me to let her ” please write on [my] website.” I finally sat down with her and she dictated this post out to me. She even set up the pictures and showed me where she wanted them in the post. This girl delights me and always has me laughing (and you’re welcome for not sharing the minecraft post she also dictated to me).

Hi everyone, I’m Annabel. You might think you’re going to my mom Heather’s post, but you’re going to my post. I’ll have more posts for you, too! Today I wanted to tell you everything I know about teenagers. I love teenager stuff. If you’re a kid listening to this post from your parents, you’ll love it! But you might find it complicated if you’re too little.

If you’re a teenager, you’ll find it pretty boring. Let’s start!

Teenagers text, they go to the mall, and sometimes they watch movies.

They love to sing and they love to dance.

If you’re a little kid and you try to do something teenagery, like play Skylanders, they will say, “This is not for kids, bro.”

Teenagers love to take pictures with a “two” in it:

pictures with twos

Teenagers go to college. They stay at college until they’re a grown up. When they’re at college, they get lunch with their friends and also go to school sometimes.

Teenagers drive cars, sometimes they crash into things.

They hear new music like Taylor Swift, and they freak out.

They can cook by theirselfs:

teenagers get to cook

Teenagers play tricks on their little sisters, like they’ll hide under the bed and scare you.

Teenagers don’t care about My Little Pony, because it’s all about stuff that’s boring to them:

They don't like My Little Pony

They say no to things boys ask them to do, like if a boy plans a date that’s only interesting to him, a girl will say, “No way!”

Teenagers take pictures of themselves cleaning:

teenagers don't like to clean

Thanks for looking at my post about teenagers! Goodbye!

Edited to add: Annabel’s Hangry shirt is from Enjoy Essential!