Every morning since Annie dyed Easter eggs, she’s woken up asking if the Easter Bunny came to hide them. When she went to bed on Saturday night we knew she was going to be raring to go in the morning, so Mike set his alarm to hide the eggs before she woke up. After talking about it, we decided to hide the eggs in our front yard since we have grass and other plants out there. Mike crept outside at dawn to put the eggs on the grass, and it was a good thing, because Annabel woke up not long after the eggs had been placed.

pre-egg hunt
She’s like, “Moooooom, there are eggs outside!”

We went outside and Annie is like, “Where are the eggs?” And then Mike said, “Um…There should be a few right here on the lawn…” And then I saw it.

egg carnage

Egg. Carnage.

We have no idea what came by and destroyed the majority of Annie’s eggs, but it was bold enough to do it in daylight. Some bets are on a raccoon, others are on an off-leash dog, and someone else (me) suggested vengeful Easter Bunny. Luckily, whatever it was left a few eggs for Annie. She ran around and grabbed the four eggs that were left.

egg huntin'

I found one!

But, because she misses nothing, she started asking questions. Like, “Mama, where is my pink egg with the soccer sticker?” “Mama, why are my eggs all ripped up?” and “Mama, why did the animals eat my eggs?” I don’t know, Annie. Because some animals are jerks?

Mike saved the day by suggesting we go back inside, and Annie then discovered that the Easter Bunny also left her a plastic bunny that pooped Jelly Beans. I was like, “…..seriously?” But Annie and Mike thought it was hilarious.

the "poop bunny" is hilarious, apparently

My family came over later in the morning for brunch, which was awesome and yummy. While everyone ate, I went around and “hid” a few plastic eggs in our living room for Annie to find. I felt bad about all her hard-boiled eggs being eaten. She was very excited about another round of egg hunting, and it seemed to take a bit of the sting off of six of her dyed eggs being jacked.

egg huntin'

egg huntin'

egg huntin'

Egg-swiping animals aside, we had a lovely day with family, and despite Annabel’s intense sugar highs and lows, she was (mostly) awesome to be around. I will keep her.

me and my girl

But no more hard-boiled eggs outside. I was looking forward to egg salad.