As I mentioned on Sunday, we spent Friday and Saturday at Disneyland for their annual Halloween party. I covered the party for Mommy Nearest and my article is up for anyone interested! Our family loves this event, and while we’ve been lucky enough to get press passes the last few years, I would absolutely buy tickets for us if we didn’t. And, if you haven’t entered my giveaway to win four tickets, make sure you do!

Annabel picked out this year’s family costumes while we were still at last year’s party, so there has been a lot of ongoing excitement for the party.

We went as The Incredibles, with Mike and me in T-Shirts and the kids in full costume:

The Incredibles at Disneyland's Halloween Party

The kids were super into it (James was also super into the candy in his mouth).

Dash and Violet Incredible

Violet Incredible

Annabel remembered her favorite thing from years’ past, the Monsters University Dance Party, and asked if she and James could go dance:


Monsters University Dance Party

Annabel’s dancing got her noticed by a Disney employee who invited her onstage to participate in the Scare Contest:

Monsters University Scare Off

She walked away with a shiny ribbon:

Scream Champion

After the party, we walked across the street to the Disneyland Hotel where we’d booked a room for the night. This was only my second time in a Disney hotel, and the magic in this place was amazing. We all went a little gaga for the headboard in our room which lit up with a fireworks display and played “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.”

Disneyland Hotel Headboard

The next day we had plans to meet up with Mike’s sister’s family at Disneyland to celebrate our niece’s birthday. Since we’d stayed in the Disneyland Hotel, we got to enter Disneyland an hour before the park opened to the public. We had fun walking onto all of the kids’ favorite rides:

small world

on Dumbo

on the tecups

We also met up with these cool characters from Neverland:

With Captain Hook

Annabel and Peter Pan

skipping with Peter Pan

At around 10am, when the park started to get hot, we went back to our hotel to change into swimsuits. The hotel had three pools, plus water slides of varying heights. Annabel and James were absolutely obsessed with the kids’ sides (I couldn’t blame them).

Disneyland Hotel pool

After cooling off in the pool, it was time to meet up with our family and celebrate another year of Michaela.

annie and the birthday girl

I think I enjoy going to Disneyland almost as much as my kids do at this point. All of those clichés about seeing the place from your kids’ eyes are definitely true, plus now I appreciate how pricey and hard it was for my parents to take me all those years ago. Staying in a Disneyland hotel is definitely the cherry on top of the whole thing, and something Mike and I are hoping we can continue to do for the kids when we can. It’s a treat for them, but also for us – not as much driving, plus all the luxuries of staying away from home (you know I got room service)!