We made it to Maui in one piece! I am one of those people who is intensely aware of how much people hate flying with (other people’s) kids, so I started with the flop sweats the second we all started to board the plane. But I needn’t have worried, both of my kids – and the other kids on the flight, for that matter – were perfect on the flight. James was happy to snuggle against me, or to sit on his dad’s lap, while Annie loved the colored pencils I surprised her with (“Mommy, these can’t get away from me, I love them!”), and other little games I’d packed for her. I even downloaded a movie for her to watch (Monsters University) and then it turned out the airline had the exact same in-flight movie. Figures. ready for take off

When our plane pushed back from the gate, Annie said, “We’re up!” exactly like my brother had on his first plane flight a million years ago. After we landed Annie said, “Aloha! That means ‘hello’ in French.” Sooooo close. James liked looking out the window at the world below him:

high-flying James

The rest of our day was spent chasing Annie around, unpacking, and settling in. The view is amazing: _MG_0907 the view

Annie is in heaven. Not only does she have access to her grandparents, aunt, and uncles 24/7, she also has access to a pool 24/7. I’m like, “But the ocean…is right there…eh, whatever.” She seemingly had endless energy, but it finally ran out right when we made dinner.

tuckered out

How come when I fall asleep on a couch during dinner it’s a “problem,” and not cute like this?

Our first full day will be spent at the beach, which is just steps from where we’re staying. We’ve rented stand-up paddleboards, and we’re also going to rent some sand toys, boogie boards, and a bunch of other fun toys for both the kids and grownups. I’m soooo looking forward to this.

Right now, both of the kids are sleeping soundly, and I can hear the ocean right outside my window. I only slept for about three hours last night, so I am looking forward to the ocean singing me to sleep. Hopefully my kids will cooperate and let Mike and me catch up on some much-needed overnight rest!