We were sad to leave Walt Disney World, but it certainly helped that we were leaving it to go on a Disney Cruise! I thought there might be tears from the kids when we pulled away from our hotel, but there was only excitement.

After we arrived at the cruise terminal and checked in, we had some waiting to do before it was our time to board. But since keeping you entertained while you wait is a Disney specialty, it wasn’t too bad. Mickey was wandering around, taking pictures with kids, and there was a large-scale model of a Disney ship that my kids were very impressed with.

disney cruise ship model

When we boarded the boat, we entered the Grand Foyer and over a loudspeaker we heard, “Disney Cruise Line would like to welcome…THE SPOHR FAMILY!” They do this for every family but the kids thought we were total rock stars.

There was a gorgeous light fixture in the foyer, plus a statue of everyone’s favorite Donald.

Looking down on the foyer

My President

After we ate, did we go to our room? Did we go to the pool? NOPE. All the kids wanted to do was go to the Kids’ Club. I couldn’t blame them, it was enormous and amazing.

They could fly the Millennium Falcon…

millennium falcon

Do whatever this is…

button pushing?

“Drive” boats…

drive boats

And play games on this awesome “magic floor,” just to name a few of the things they could do.

magic floor

I actually managed to drag Annie away from the kids’ club long enough to do a bit of exploring. We especially liked the “sports deck,” where we could play ping-pong, foosball, basketball, and mini golf.

ship ping pong

After exploring, Annie went back to the kids’ club with James. Mike and I went to the “sailing away” party on the pool deck, where a wonderful man handed me a delicious fruity blended beverage.

pool deck and aqua duck

I also decorated the door to our room. Thank you to everyone who gave me the tip about this! The kids would have been verrrry bummed if we hadn’t thrown some magnets up there. They were so thrilled when they (eventually) returned from the kids’ club and saw our door.

disney dream cruise door

We also took some time (okay, a lot of time) to enjoy our private verandah.

private verandah

I could have sat out on that verandah forever!