Last week an occupational therapist called to see if Maddie and I were available for an feeding evaluation on the 26th (yesterday). When I said we were, she told me she’d confirm with the Regional Center and call me back. And then I never heard back from her…until yesterday…at SEVEN A.M. I was so pissed I could spit, so the OT should consider herself lucky Mike is the one that answered the phone.

The OT never heard back from the Regional Center, but she still came, which I found really odd. And, because she never heard back, she had NO information on Maddie. She didn’t even know why Maddie was getting a feeding evaluation! I had to spend 45 minutes going over Maddie’s medical history. These appointments only last an hour, so I was kind of annoyed that the bulk of it was spent giving her information she should have had when she arrived at my house.

My dad had a lunch near my house today, so he came over so he could help dog wrangle during the evaluation. I’m glad he was able to come, Mike and I are up a dog (we’re watching my pal’s dog while she’s out of town), and Maddie got really bored really fast with all the sitting and talking. I was also glad to have another set of ears, as I was expecting her to give me a lot of information and advice. And while she did give me some ideas, foods, and tricks to try, she also gave me a big helping of attitude with a side of judgment.

Seriously, I was so glad my dad was there to hear it, because I think if I wrote about one more person being rude to me you all would start to really wonder what my deal is. Believe me, my dad would tell me if I deserved it. To be fair to this woman, I think she was extrememely frustrated with the whole system. But to be fair to me, I am frustrated with the system, too, and I was nothing but polite.

She would ask me questions like, “what are you feeding Maddie?” and then interrupt me during my answers. When I said I was giving Maddie organic baby food she said, “and you’re making it yourself?” When I said no, she said, “Why not?” I wanted to say, “LADY, I have bugs in my flour, ok? I don’t cook.” Instead I just said, “I don’t have the time, but she loves the food in the jars.” Then she rolled her eyes at me! It took everything in me not to laugh. I mean, seriously. I am just not the mom that has the drive or time to make baby food. The moms that do are awesome, and I’m sure they don’t have the drive or time to do something else that comes more naturally to me. This parenting stuff is all give and take.

She’d ask if I was giving Maddie certain foods. Some were foods I gave, some were good ideas, and some seemed like strange foods to give a baby with five teeth. Like potato chips, or pizza crusts. After hearing the list of foods Maddie eats she exclaimed, “You don’t give her anything chewy!” I said, “no, not really, on account of the five teeth and all. I give her crunchy stuff and that’s hard enough for her to break into pieces.” The OT would then purse her lips and go, “hmmmm.” I could really go on and on, but this woman just rubbed me the wrong way.

After the question and answer portion, the OT spent about eight minutes playing with Maddie, and another seven minutes watching her eat. And that was it! She said someone would contact me in the next couple of weeks, and then took off. Once she left, my dad and I laughed about it. Like I said to my friend Leslie, I am self conscious and uncertain about a lot of things, but I never doubt my ability to mother Maddie. It would take a lot more than eye rolls from a stranger to shake my confidence in that department. We’ll see what happens with the feeding therapy – assuming this woman decides Maddie needs it.

After the OT left, my dad, Maddie and I walked to Dr. Looove’s office so Maddie could have her monthly RSV vaccine. My dad stayed in the waiting room and he could hear Maddie screaming in the exam room! She just does NOT like to be weighed. As soon as I strip her down, the shrieks and waterworks start. But this time, I didn’t care. Why? Because in the last month, Maddie has gained a POUND AND A HALF! She now weighs 16 lbs 7 oz. I made the nurse weigh Maddie again just to be sure. A pound and a half! In a month! SUCK IT feeding specialist!!!!