I had a really wonderful birthday weekend! All I really wanted to do was relax and have fun with my family, and that’s exactly what we did.

On Friday night, my mom watched the kids while Mike and I went out to dinner alone. We don’t do that nearly enough, and it was so great. When we got home, I was surprised with my favorite kind of pie (custard) and singing from the family.

birthday pie!

On Saturday morning, I opened some great presents from Mike and the kids, including this hilarious card from Annabel:

My card from Annabel

We met my parents for breakfast, then headed out for a last-minute staycation at a swanky hotel in Santa Monica. If you guys haven’t tried the HotelTonight app, I highly recommend it! So great for big last-minute deals on hotels. I really wanted to go to a place where we could swim and I could have someone wait on me. Birthday goals achieved! The kids had a blast swimming with Mike:

swimming with daddy



And I had a blast watching them have a blast.

cabana life

After a post-swim rest, we headed toward the Santa Monica Pier. I wanted to hit up the amusement park there.

pacific pier

daddies and james

The kids were too small for the fun rides (you know, the ones for people over 46 inches tall), but they were in the sweet spot for playing carnival games. It seems Annabel has a talent for them:


After playing at the amusement park, we had birthday dinner, where we learned James has a new trick:

new trick

As we left the pier, we witnessed one of the most beautiful summer sunsets I can remember. These iPhone pictures don’t do it justice – it was stunning.

birthday sunset

birthday sunset

Back in the hotel room, Mike and the kids sang to me and we had cake. We were then surprised to discover we could see an early fireworks show from our room! The view was a bit obstructed, but I was thrilled. Fireworks on my birthday! My favorite!

Yesterday morning, we had breakfast and then it was time to leave. It was a great way to spend my birthday. Everyone had fun, and it was nice to do something different and get out of our home bubble. I felt so loved and special, especially with the influx of birthday wishes on Facebook and text message. It’s so nice how technology has made birthdays so much better!

Thirty-six is off to a greatĀ start so far! If the first day of this new year is any indication, it’s going to be a good year.

My Happiness